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You will find ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC to be so much more than just a GRP product manufacturing company.

We offer you our expertise inside and outside the field and beyond the GRP itself to provide an integrated and comprehensive service that meets all your requirements and adds value to your projects.  Working with ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC as your primary  company can simplify your next project.

Let our experts guide you to avoid common industrial and residential specification errors.  Our dedicated team will meet and exceed all your needs from project conception to installation and start-up.  We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation to meet your project's most stringent specifications.

If you have experienced the frustrations of dealing with multiple suppliers, and installers, you will appreciate the difference working with ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC will make.  We are uniquely skilled and remain the most competent and experienced company for your entire project.


At ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC, quality is our standard and customer service is our specialty.

It is this commitment to superior construction and the highest standards of service that has made us your number one choice for GRP products.


As a renowned leader in the fiberglass industry, with  years of combined experience, ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC continues to provide quality products and excellent customer service.


We manufacture a wide variety of GRP products. Whatever your needs, ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC has a quality product for you.


We’re proud of our reputation for superior products and customer service.  When it comes to fiberglass products, we’ll work closely with you through every step of the process to ensure you get exactly what you need.  Our time and efforts are focused on helping ensure long term value and superior returns on our customers’ investment.  Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.



ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC is committed to developing and maintaining a permanent relationship with our customers.

We intend to achieve this by providing outstanding service and supplying the highest quality product. Our pledge is to satisfy our customers' needs through uncompromising professionalism, attention to detail and unequalled performance. We are constantly striving to improve all areas of our business in an effort to provide you with service above your requirements.


The management of ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC is committed to both its vendors and employees to achieve all corporate goals and to maintain the highest standards in our industry today. We pride ourselves on being a complete company. From project conception, assisting with engineering and design, specification, fabrication, supplying the proper product at the lowest prices, and field assistance with the installation of that product.

ADVANCED Fiberglass industry LLC is the industry leader in innovative design, manufacture and installation of GRP and GRC products for industrial and residential applications. The Best Partner For Your Composite Product Needs.

We design and manufacture to international standards and have extensive experience in manufacturing the products meeting most

 demanding conditions. Unlike other companies that focus on one or two types of products, ADVANCED specializes in all kind of GRP products, always  selecting the optimal and most economic solution for your specific application.


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